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Hey Big-Hearted Healthcare Practitioners, Holistic Health Coaches And Wellness Warriors, I’m Dr Zia. I'm So Glad You’re Here.

Coaching Practitioners

I'm a chiropractor turned global business leader and doTERRA Presidential Diamond. I specialize in working with other practioners who are ready to scale their business and serve in bigger ways.

The best part about this business is I get to coach other practioners who also want to reinvent themselves. And I get the reward of seeing you live the life you desire!

I’ll teach you how to create a business you’ll love with the freedom to work from the places in the world you most want to be. I have the best tools and systems to support your business.
  • while still in practice
  • without having to go back to school
  • with minimal financial investment!

with heart

"Sometimes I play a game I call, “What would Zia do?” Because in the time I’ve been blessed to have her as a mentor, I’ve watched her design the most incredible life, and not just for herself, but for so many others."    
- Jihan Bourad Marcotullio - Reiki Master


there is a way to work smarter, with more ease and flow that allows you to keep doing what you love. 

So, if you're...

Looking to tap into more financial abundance in your healthcare business.

Want to bring your passion for natural alternatives into your healthcare practice.

Searching for just the right mentor, and want to be really sure you get the right one.

And if you’re feeling like there’s more yet to unfold for you…

I can assure you there is and I’d love to be the one to guide you towards it!

This is Your Time

If your healthcare practice has been affected by the changes that have gone on in the world over the past few years, this could be the perfect time for you to create something that aligns with your values and lets you thrive financially - no matter what’s going on around you.  And if the sound of…

Income security 
Natural alternatives
A partnership built on integrity
Solid business growth with powerful potential
True alignment with your values
Purpose and a world of opportunities 

…is something you desire a lot more of…

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The Science

Natural plant medicine has been used for thousands of years and with the advancements in research, we’ve gained a much clearer understanding of their many interactive benefits. 

Plant compounds offer simple, safe and natural benefits for the brain, the body and emotional health. Essential oils are one of the most concentrated forms of delivery and can provide powerful and long lasting effects.

And we’ve got the evidence to back it up.

As a health and wellness practitioner, you know how important it is to keep up to date with the latest science and available treatments. 

But traditional health treatment largely ignores the role of proper nutrition, gut health and the power of plants in healing from disease.

We can share reference material on plant based research and natural, alternative health solutions through books, articles, charts and other published materials that deliver summarized and practical applications for use in your clinic or home. 

How to Get Started


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